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“How” makes all the difference

We are surrounded by products. Some are nice, some not quite, a few are outstanding. What makes something that was destined to be average, truly exceptional? After all, wine is fermented grapes, a streaming service is a catalog of media and a concert is a collection of sounds. Or maybe there is more.

So, what makes the difference between an average product and an extraordinary one? Surely the “what” is important: if I’m playing in an orchestra, I have to play the right instrument. Also, motivation plays a critical role when fatigue is high and I will keep practicing only if I understand “why” I need to practice so much. But the “what” and “why” can’t fully explain what makes a product really great. What needs to be added to the picture is “how”.

Regardless of what we do or build, our customers, colleagues, friends and family will notice if we are passionate about our craft. They will be able to perceive if we care about the “how”.

This blog is a collection of thoughts about “how” we do things can really make a difference for our products. I hope you will enjoy reading the HOWMATTERS blog.